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Note: The sources of these character references could not be confirmed or reached for comment. These profiles should hence be considered hearsay and not reliable.


Age: 12??
Homeworld: Ria
Occupation: Aspiring comedian/tinkerer
Family: Ajupris (aunt)
She's a mystery girl who emerged from the shadows of her famous relatives (and it seems like she's got a strange sense of humor on top of that). How soon can the universe expect either greatness... or calamity?

Ajupris Lerazmine [AJA-pree leRAZmean]

Age: 32
Homeworld: Erasmus
Occupation: Jewel magnate
Family: Chandra (niece)
She was once the life of every charity gala, an outspoken heiress who made headlines more than she made real progress in the causes she championed. Her recent appearances paint a different picture— one of a sober and serious businesswoman. What happened?

Steward Demeck [deMECK]

Age: 48
Homeworld: Earth
Occupation: Overseer of facility DH-6 for the A.I.D.E corporation
He was born poor, so he truly appreciates the finer things in the life. Or the things that look finer, at any rate. An upjumped swindler and alley rat, who therefore incurably cares for nothing but money and material trappings.

Reed Winsome

Age: 12
Homeworld: DH-6
Occupation: Chatterbox
Family: Judd (father)
An excitable rascal, living in total isolation from other excitable rascals. He seems to have no brains or tact, but he's like a squirrel in a concrete jungle.

Judd Winsome

Age: 42
Homeworld: Mars
Occupation: Rig worker
Family: Reed (son)
An eternally-suffering employee, blamed for everything, and the constant target of his boss's ire, whether he did anything to earn it or not— but he still manages to have a good attitude about the whole thing.


Age: He's a robot
Homeworld: Still a robot
Occupation: Wisecracking robot companion. Former maid.
Chandra taught him everything she knew about comedy. As a result, they are nearly unbearable as a duo. His personality is the result of clever programming – not a sentient mind.

Muriel Brant

Age: 27
Homeworld: Ria
Occupation: Personal administrative assistant to Ajupris Lerazmine
She's a little on the ditzy side, but terrifyingly competent. Appears to be constantly flanked by a fluffy little beast of unknown origin.

Barthélemy Chenu

Age: 45
Homeworld: Earth
Occupation: Administrator - Ria
He's a perfectly respectable fine arts connoisseur and theater patron on the planet Ria. On the side, he manages local operations for the A.I.D.E. corporation.

Eko Iskandar

Age: 50
Homeworld: ??
Occupation: Stage actress
Though critics claim her heyday is over, acclaimed player Eko Iskandar is still a noteworthy presence on the stage. Recently relocated to the planet Ria.


Age: ??
Homeworld: ??
Occupation: ??
Her moniker seems to be short for her original designated name, "Practicality."


Age: ??
Homeworld: ??
Occupation: ??
His moniker seems to be short for his original designated name, "Sentimentality."

Hannah Hutton

Age: 44
Homeworld: Mars
Occupation: Rig worker
She's going crazy stuck here - which means she's particularly good at distracting herself. It seems to be quite a departure from her old life of cart racing on Mars.

Mikhail Alexandrov

Age: 47
Homeworld: Mars
Occupation: Rig worker (chronotite handler)
If he knew how it worked, he wouldn't be out here mining it. Seriously. Reed's deceased mother, Yulia, appears to have been his closest friend.

Yulia Zakharova (deceased)

Age: Would be 48
Homeworld: Mars
Occupation: Rig worker
Family: Reed (son)
Reed's mother. Apparently a "troublemaker". Died several years ago following a personal conflict. No further details were willingly given.

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