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Guest Pages - Supes
Posted December 20, 2017 at 5:00 AM
Y'ALL!!!!! Y'all

Today's guest art is by new bud Supes, also known as ABV - I love the level of conceptual thinking that goes into their work, and their art has so much dimension and character! They captured really well the mood behind one of my favorite scenes/themes of the last chapter and I have to say it fills me with all kinds of emotions (the good kind which are so much needed in these times). Plus that chronotite! I keep finding new things to admire in the rendering and colors. Thank you Supes!!

You can check out their portfolio site here for their art and photography (also twitter/tumblr). Pst, I'm also looking forward to their story in the Heartwood Anthology as someone who eagerly devours those sorts of things 8)

In a few weeks you might also be seeing more of their work, watch this space!

As for next week, I hope everyone has (or has been having) a lovely holiday in a nice insulated space of their choosing. Instead of a guest posting next week, you may be seeing some holiday (or wintery) -themed art from me, if I can scrape together a few more stray molecules of jolliness and goodwill towards men (or good wishes for you and your loved ones - which are boundless, hurray!). Hope to see you then!!
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