A collection of questions from readers to celebrate Otherknown’s second birthday (4/18)! Thank you all for submitting!

“Things that annoy Bartou? I might know of a few… though it’s hard to get a proper reaction from him, unless you’re paying close attention, that is.

There’s the occasional off-key singing (by adults, anyway, it’s hard for children to annoy him), overseasoned food, and a very hideous painting in the possession of one of our friends.

He also doesn’t abide very well to rudeness directed towards the people he cares about… but by now I believe everyone knows that…”


“(could it be possible I became so drunk I entirely forgot even GOING to a party like that in the last five years…?)

Well, hah, it seems too much alcohol has one of two effects on me, so if it had to be the cheery persona, I suppose that’s much better.”

“I think it’d be nice if she could sweep me off my feet! Classic romantic heroine style… But, I don’t have time for romance right now!
Maybe if she tolerated long distance relationships well, though…”

“My stylebook is now available for purchase, to answer your question.”
“Only 800 helms for three years of iconic Looks!”
“Thank you Chandra.”

“…History is mostly really boring, but… recently we’ve been talking about famous battles and stuff, and fights, and those are pretty cool, I guess…”

“Science too, when we learn about plants and animals. I like those… so does Hannah who’s teaching me. I think she wants to go home and look at elephants. I want to see one too…”

“I’m afraid I’m not fully aware what constitutes an ‘embarrassing’ recording, Anonymous! However, based on my empirical data, this sample of Miss Chandra attempting to improve her singing-”

“Oh, I must have guessed accurately!“

“The samurai armor has a certain sort of antiquated beauty to it, too, but this encrusted headpiece owned by royalty in centuries past has even better decorative value! It looks good on a high shelf.
…Or, you meant something in my personal closet? I misunderstood.”

“Are you kidding? it’s the best! Managing the personal affairs of the rich and famous is what I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. And not just because of, you know, the intrigue factor (not to mention the gossip!) but because multi-tasking has always been my strong suit. It’s a highly competitive field, you know! I’m a people person, and getting to know all of these people in high places, like Ajupris herself, it’s been incredible!
I haven’t been her assistant for long, though. And so far, it’s a bit different from what I imagined. Not bad-different, but… different!“