The Otherknown is a science-fiction webcomic created by Lorian Merriman, updating every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:00 AM CST. It has been running since April 2015 and currently has over 350 published pages. A list of content warnings is available, as well as an FAQ. It is recommended for a general teen-and-up audience. Comments and inquiries about the comic can be sent to me at longlostlorian at gmail dot com!

Early pages, streams, and other extra content can be viewed on Patreon!


this space is mine, it is my own.
this space is not
to others known.

12-year-old Chandra (and her rich jewelry magnate aunt, Ajupris Lerazmine) have accidentally gone back in time. Now, they have one mission: to get their hands on the gigantic cache of the dangerous mineral that got them into this whole mess, chronotite, before it is officially discovered years in the future.

There's only one problem: the small moon where the chronotite is hidden is owned and operated by a corrupt galactic organization, A.I.D.E., and they'll have to pass the scrutiny of local administrator Mr. Demeck to get it. And even with knowledge of the future, there are some twists Chandra and her aunt can't predict.


Lorian Merriman is an Austin-based cartoonist and web designer. They can be reached at longlostlorian@gmail.com, and can also be found on their personal portfolio website (longlostlorian.com), and on their twitter and tumblr. Their first graphic novel, MAELSTROM: A PRINCE OF EVIL, comes out Winter 2024 with Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.
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