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Posted July 31, 2016 at 6:33 AM
Demeck, it's been a while buddy!!

I really enjoy elaborating on the backstories/small moments that define characters in a story... rather than extraneous info I like to view it as thematically relevant! (Family is very important in this comic)

Marriage still exists in this distant future despite what fearmongering chestbeaters are saying in today's time... however it's most prevalent as an institution on Mars (which is the most like present-day Earth). On faraway worlds an equivalent may exist, but may not be recognizable as far as the associated customs and even sometimes terminology. :)

I don't want to get too explanationy in the captions since I'd like the important bits to be infer-able from the comic itself, but I thought maybe it'd be safer to clarify a few things here for right now. I understand why Mass Effect needs a codex.

(Also, polyamory is cool. Exceptionally ignorant humans may sometimes flippantly say we adopted it from aliens, though.)
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