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ch2 p63
Posted October 26, 2016 at 6:00 AM
This unstoppable scamp cannot be stopped.

63 pages... fellows, that is as long as chapter 1 was when it ended!

Lots of new traffic recently! I'll re-outline my upcoming plans for the comic: when chapter two ends, I'm going to take a tiny break from the main story to make a prologue which I think will make everything clearer. I'll also be redoing a couple specific pages from chapter 1 (for story reasons, though the art will definitely benefit too, lol). Still a number of regularly-scheduled updates for chapter two though, so stay tuned! Meanwhile if you're just window shopping and not sure whether to read yet, maybe in a couple months your reading experience will be even better :)

Still, thank you everyone for sharing and spreading the story around - you are the very best, honest!
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