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Posted August 30, 2017 at 6:00 AM
Sorry for the wait on this one! The reason being... well, maybe you can tell

We haven't gotten to see much yet of the world outside of DH-6! This comic has been incredibly granular so far: we've only briefly gotten to see glimpses of the life of ordinary civilians. So I really enjoyed doing this page, in a meta way. (Obviously I also hated it, in the nitty-gritty "oh god, I have to color this" way)

The next page might also be a week out from now, for related reasons... we'll see!

I'll post more details in a bit, but if you're around the Austin area, come see me at Staple Expo (Table 97B) on September 9-10! I probably won't have many Otherknown-related things, but I will have an original 43-page minicomic and copies of my Bloodborne zine! Both brand new... You can check my twitter for previews of both coming within the next few days :)
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