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ch3 p62
Posted November 8, 2017 at 6:46 AM
This is the final page of an 8-page update! Click here to go back to the beginning!

That's it! Chapter 3 is done!!! I hope you enjoyed this monster of an update.

Thanks to everyone who's kept up with this (weird) story and supported it and me in any way, whether it be your emails, comments, reblogs, retweets, plugs, dropping me a note on twitter or elsewhere (you get the idea), or even just, well, reading it!! It means a lot to me.

What's coming up:

11/11 - closer page for part 1
11/18 - a tiny epilogue scene for part 1 (2-3 pages) (EDIT 11/16: This will probably go up Wednesday, the 22nd, instead!)

and soon after that... the comic's first ever round of guest pages!! I'm VERY excited about the artists who generously volunteered to contribute and I think you will be too!

I'll have a more solid date on the start of chapter 4 later, but it will almost certainly be in 2018, maybe February or so! (likely the Patreon will [finally] launch at the same time! I've finally got a good stockpile of bonus materials for y'all, including lots of stuff for all those guys we haven't seen in a while.)

See you soon!!
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