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Posted March 21, 2018 at 6:00 AM
oh Demeck you absolute jerkass, never change, ok change a little bit

Hi guys! I am going on page-a-week for a few weeks in order to work on this year's new book as well as the printed version of Otherknown chapter 1. In Aug-September I'll be at Flame Con in NY, Staple in ATX, and SPX in Bethesda MD with these things 8) and various other goodies too. This is another page that was largely colored on a patron stream and it was great fun! Consider becoming a $1 patron and getting email notifs when I do these!

By the way, I doubt very much you need me to tell you, but one of my very favorite webcomics, Mare Internum, is doing a kickstarter right now for the full comic collected into one book and it's PROBABLY going to be the coolest thing you ever held in your hands. It's already over 300% funded after less than a week, so you know it is certified cool with all the cool kids. Der-shing deserves some big numbers 8) obligatory thrip noises go here

see you soon!
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