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Posted April 19, 2023 at 11:00 AM

We're back!! After *checks, dies* 2 and a half years!! If you're reading this - thank you very much for your patience and for sticking with the story! Yesterday the 18th was Otherknown's 8th birthday and this is the best way to celebrate!

If you're just tuning in or missed the reason behind the hiatus, I went and made a YA graphic novel (you can buy it next year!). The good news is, I'm finished! The bad news is, I contractually have to make another one. The good news is, I spent the last few months putting together an Otherknown inks buffer that will last me a year after this! So I really hope I won't have to pause updates while I'm working on it. For my first book I was juggling a day job for most of it, quickly got behind schedule, and had to go nose to grindstone hard for a long time afterwards. I'm doing comics full-time now, though I may have to get another day job before the year is through. I hope to still be in a good place buffer-wise by then!

This page was mostly finished a few years ago I believe (did a few edits recently), but only shared with patrons until now. You can read a few pages ahead on Patreon! By the by, part of insuring I can update continuously for the foreseeable future is scaling updates back to Wednesdays-only. In the future this may change (Patreon milestone goal maybe?)!

Without further ado, I return you to "wow they STILL aren't attacking? They must really be invested in this drama" (please do not make jokes about this, webcomic time has a strangehold on us all!)



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