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ch5 p73
Posted July 12, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Reed bringing the unimportant loredump

fun little notice that I started posting a new webcomic! (start reading here) It's called Fish out of Water and it's an ace high school romance story if that kind of thing is up your alley.

It's pretty different in setting, but maybe it might appeal to you if you like my work already! Regular Otherknown updates will continue every week as planned - this new comic is a just-for-fun project that updates whenever I have time since it's much quicker to produce.

it was also my bday week! I'm very chuffed to still be here makin comics. <3

This news section didn't need to be longer, but here's your periodic reminder that Patreon is currently ahead of the main website! (At the time of this writing, by about 8 pages.) $3 patrons get early Otherknown updates and $5 patrons will get whole episodes/batches of my new comic early. Don't feel pressured to back of course! This has been a busy month over there, but there's typically quieter stretches too. Thank you to everyone who's backed at any point - I appreciate you so much!

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