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ch5 p86
Posted October 11, 2023 at 11:00 AM

well that escalated quickly (yet perhaps... not wholly unexpectedly...)

Just for this scene, I'm going to comment on disqus below with very general spoilers (hidden in a spoiler tag) re: the next few pages in case you are worried about Reed and this informs your decision to keep reading. I don't even know if this is the first time a gun has been aimed at a child in this comic (wheezes horribly) but I feel like this scene is probably uniquely stressful to read as a viewer so I understand. Upvotes appreciated to keep it at the top! If the spoiler tag isn't working lemme know and I'll figure out something else!

($3 patrons can also read the rest of the scene right now, but please only back if you're financially comfortable doing so! <3)

As a general note (about the future of this comic but not necessarily about this scene, I promise! You can trust me!), the CMS I'm using supports a content warning system that blurs a page until the user clicks through to view the full image, and I'll be using it at my discretion for things that are more violent than whatever we've already seen in the comic. As you've seen if you've been here this long, the story does go to some dark/mature places, so please be aware and prepared for that. Thank you for reading!

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