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Chapter 4 - Title
Posted February 10, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Hi all, welcome to chapter 4 at long last!! (tfw you can't decide which character to put on a cover page, so you just kind of smash them all together into some kind of anime poster.) You may have noticed Part 2's subtitle is SPACE (as opposed to TIME, part 1), and I hope the reason for it will be felt very soon 8) If you haven't had your fill of new planets and space aliens already, that is.

(And if you need more new planets and space aliens to satisfy your curiosity RIGHT NOW, don't forget about a few free posts on the new patreon! Where the very first page of this chapter is posting tonight for $3 patrons by the way. We'll be done with these reminders soon, I swear!)

Hope we all have a great time, I like the upcoming story a lot! See you soon!
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