Content Warnings

The Otherknown is written from the perspective of a queer neurodivergent creator who strays from depictions of gratuitous pain, suffering, and violence. That being said, this comic deals with serious themes (as well as mature language), and is not appropriate for most younger readers. Please exercise caution.

In the interest of transparency, and protecting those who may have trouble with some of the themes depicted in the work, I've attempted to compile an outline of what readers will encounter.

(Note: This list may contain indirect spoilers.)

This comic contains depictions of: slavery/indentured servitude under capitalism, gun violence and threats, non-graphic murder/death, alcoholism, loss of limb(s), untreated mental illness, and the manipulation of a mentally ill person.

I intend to keep this list reasonably-up-to-date as the story progresses. 

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