My favorite webcomics!

Just a small sampling of the many webcomics I enjoy! List is amended frequently (I often forget to add stuff), so stay tuned! These are all regularly-updated (or with planned hiatus) serial webcomics, mostly of an Adventure/Science-Fiction/Fantasy flavor (mostly!)
If by any chance you are an author of one of the works listed below and you'd rather me change or remove the link or description... please let me know!
Witchy - A universe in which hair length controls strength of a person's magic. This is one of my favorite webcomics of all time. The characters, colors, backgrounds, worldbuilding and panel layouts are all top notch. Can't recommend enough!
The Meek - An epic fantasy comic following multiple characters and their interconnected plotlines - including a mysterious forest girl named Angora who is struggling to follow the cryptic instructions of her "grandfather". Der-shing Helmer's work is amazing!
Mare Internum - Another ongoing work by Der-shing, about scientists on Mars... specifically, the caves of Mars. Goes into the depth of peoples' psychological problems (pun intended).
O Human Star - The father of modern robotics is reincarnated as one of his own works. A really interesting sci-fi with equally engaging stories of romance, family, friendship and identity. I love this comic to death - it's everything I love rolled up into one!
Agents of the Realm - The magical girl webcomic we all deserved. Wonderful characters (especially facial expressions!) and great use of the little magical flourishes that are so ever-present in the genre.

* = finished comic! I will make a few of the other links pretty at a later date :)

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