The comic

Chandra has never had a family; so, she doesn’t think she needs one. For company she once talked to dogs; now, she talks to a robot. Too bad it doesn’t really have thoughts or feelings!

When she’s adopted by her aunt, Ajupris Lerazmine (a wealthy and famous jewelry magnate), it seems like everything will change. She even makes her first real friend while accompanying her aunt to a small moon on a mineral-rights deal.

But both Chandra and her aunt are hiding something. And it seems their destiny is inextricably linked to the hostile, unknowable kreebans— an alien race who have never been glimpsed by mankind— and the mysterious mineral, chronotite, whose fantastic qualities resemble magic more than they do science.

The Otherknown is a science-fiction webcomic about friendship & found family in space. It currently updates Saturdays and Wednesdays (time allowing).


The author

Lora is a SCAD/SEQA graduate and comics artist residing in her hometown of Austin, Texas, and is reachable at longlostlora at She currently works in website operations professionally, but also does storyboarding and design work. A friend to birds and all manner of scaly creatures (but shares a space with a small, fast, annoying friend of the canine variety).

Her weaknesses include spiders of a certain size, stairs, and particular phone calls.

She also writes and draws this webcomic!