If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to send me an email (theloralora at gmail)! You can also shoot me an ask (tumblr) or a tweet (@LongLostLora) Thank you!


Q: What ___ do you use?

Art program-    Adobe Photoshop CS6 (start to finish) with the help of my beloved intuos3 (6x8in) tablet, and the essential stabilization plugin Lazy Nezumi. It’s good for drawing straight lines with pressure sensitivity, and for “smoothing” out organic lines. I can’t recommend it enough.  If you have ~$35 you can afford to part with, it’s the quickest way to improve the look of digital lineart, and in any case, you can try it free for a month!

Canvas size-   It’s kind of a random size, around 9 and a half by 14 inches at 300 dpi. I can’t really recommend what size would be best to work at (for print), because I’m not really sure myself! Choosing to work in these exact dimensions was a bit of an arbitrary decision.

Font-  Most of ch1 – Wurmics Bravo, by Jonathan Wu. It’s free for personal use, but you can donate for commercial purposes 🙂

In Chapter 2 I’ve been using Back Issues BB from Blambot.  (I plan to standardize all pages later! …yes, this mystical land of “later” when I have time!) Also free, but with commercial license available.

Q: I like this comic! How can I support it?

What a very good question! My thoughts are that I will launch a Patreon in 2017 if you would like your support to take the form of monetary dollars (and who doesn’t?). Seriously though, the easiest way is simply to leave comments on pages, I really appreciate it! If you feel so inclined, you could also boost the update posts on twitter or on The Otherknown’s tumblr page! (The latter could especially use some love XD) Thank you so much!!

Q: Will you add a list of content warnings?

I believe most of the material will be appropriate for a general teen audience. But, once more chapters are added, I intend to put up a separate page specifically for this purpose (for people who are interested). Many of these will overlap with spoilers, so I don’t want to list them too prominently!

Q: How do you pronounce Chandra/Ajupris/Demeck/etc?

Please see the cast page!

But for brevity’s sake: it’s AJA-pree.

Q: What kind of name is [insert name here]?

This story takes place in the distant future, so language (and names) have evolved. Some are familiar to us, and some have mutated from something familiar to us. Some are commonly pronounced differently than they are today. Some are completely foreign, having sprung up from local cultures on colony worlds.

Honestly, in the far future their dialects probably wouldn’t even be intelligible to us, but that’s a level of extrapolation I don’t think any of us in the year 20XX really care about! 🙂

Q: How long is the story planned out to be?

At this point— really, really long. I’ve done long format (multiple hundreds of pages) comics before, so it’s not as intimidating as it could be! In a perfect world, comics would be my full-time job and I could spit out more pages per week. Crazier things…!

Q: How did you make your site?

I got marketable skills, baby!

(also with the help of ComicPress, same as many other comics!)