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ch4 p16
Posted May 2, 2018 at 6:00 AM
it's back...... chekov's knife. actually it's demeck's knife. ha ha

wow, this friend has friendship issues. not ready to be an optimal friend. and how they have been stabbed, how will they ever learn to trust again

Psst, if you aren't reading Vainglorious yet, it's a webcomic that always puts a smile on my face every single page, it's about the hilarious mishaps of a tenacious little dragon out on a strange quest and I know you will love it! While you're at it, Kelly also just launched a Patreon~ this is a selfish plug, help me get more dragons

(psst x2, long ago she also drew me one of my most favorite Otherknown fanarts and here it is in case you needed a refresher on how many good times these kids could have had:)

See you next week!
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