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Chapter 3 - Title
Posted January 25, 2017 at 5:00 AM
Hey everyone, welcome to chapter 3, Augury!

(Hello hello to everyone from Comic Rocket - got a lot of new subscribers from there, & I hope you enjoy reading in real-time!)

The first comic page is up Saturday and updates will resume normally from there (Wed/Sat). I'm real excited about this chapter. Can't wait til we get this ball rolling again!

In case you're curious, here's a few of the things I've been up to during the break:

  • Early chapter one revamps. Pages 1-9 of chapter 1 were redrawn (merely re-inked in some places) and recolored! I did this both as a favor to myself and as a way to retain more readers. Give them a look if you wish! If you want to see side-by-sides of the old pages with the new ones and some commentary on why I made the changes I did, you'll be able to see them on...

  • Patreon! Very soon I'll be launching a patreon page in case you want to support the comic monetarily (ooo), to my deep appreciation! Of course, the patreon content isn't necessary to enjoying the story (which will always be free online)! What I'll be posting will mainly be in-depth looks at the process of making each page, as well as bonus lore, outfit designs, concepts, etc. Maybe a few previews of things to come in the story. Maybe even a few bonus comics!

  • Promotional art, a few posts queued for the patreon, a small buffer for chapter 3 so I can keep bringing you COMICS on a REGULAR SCHEDULE

  • screaming into the void

Also you may have heard me mentioning (several times) during ch2 about adding a prologue which I was going to do possibly over the hiatus, which as you can see, did not end up happening. I thought about maybe merging it into this chapter instead, but... we'll see what happens!

See you on Saturday!
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