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Erasmus Market
Posted December 24, 2016 at 5:00 AM
"Only a tiny sliver of this arid planet is habitable, and under constant twilight, but the locals have made it their glimmering paradise. I hear the market is bustling this time of year! Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of Erasmus native Ajupris Lerazmine, the infamous heiress whose family’s jewelry company has expanded all over the galaxy."

Happy holidays!! I ended the chapter just in time to post this very mood-breaking image, a happier AU where nothing hurts. (I meant to draw Judd with a prosthetic leg but accidentally went on autopilot - but I mean perhaps it's just a very realistic leg.) The gang's taking a break to visit Aja's home planet Erasmus. There's a little something for everyone here: good food, good friends, good fashion, mismatched clutter for your tacky room, glowing paper poodle-lizards. 2016 was a bad year but I hope you can spend its tail end with people or activities you love.

Mini hiatus in between chapters but [update] the comic will return with Chapter 3 on January 25th! Hope to see you then!
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