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Guest Pages - Gisele
Posted January 17, 2018 at 5:00 AM
It's our second-to-last guest interlude update... featuring this gorgeous art by Gisele of Star Trip!! Chronotite as a design element is, like, my favorite thing, y'all!? Also compositions featuring the whole motley crew of characters. 8) Speaking of which, Star Trip has the most fun and interesting recurring cast, and it truly has that "adventures through the vastness of space" feel that I love, exploring different worlds with their own feel and flavor, so visually varied and beautifully-colored. I definitely recommend giving it a read!

Also, I have to say, I'm truly grateful to Gisele for the support I've received on Otherknown! It's still surreal to me when I go from being some rando passively devouring someone's space comic... and then... they start reading MY space comic. Sometimes the world is beautiful. Space comics are beautiful. Thank you Gisele T_T For the support and for the great reads~

Next week, our last guest update! It's a comic! And the week after that... you know it's time for OUR REGULARLY-SCHEDULED UPDATES to begin again, and I am READY, y'all. Ready with a hefty queue of pages and... dare I whisper about a patreon launch full of bonus content... Anyway. Thank you all for being so patient (and so supportive of my wonderful guest artists who have enabled me to have this blessedly productive hiatus)! Two months+ is a long time to spend away from the main storyline, but I think it will be worth it. See you next week!!
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