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Guest Pages - Orlando Correa
Posted January 10, 2018 at 5:00 AM
~Foxy Aja~

I died for 10 straight minutes when Orlando showed me this. I'm dying again right now. Hopefully you are familiar with Dora the Explorer in your country LOL

Orlando is one of my best, oldest, and dearest friends and also a chief reason why this webcomic kept going after like 10 pages or so, probably... We skyped each other while plugging away at grueling backgrounds in our respective webcomics and kept each other motivated/distracted. His work is hysterical and has a lot of heart, and he's a very adept storyteller (and great at the comedic timing which is so hard to do!) (I've also had to borrow his opinions for action scenes). I've plugged his superhero parody comic Hero+ before, which is a fav, but he's currently working on his new comic LAMPLIGHT CASEBOOK, and you didn't hear it from me but there MAY be cryptids in it. It's so exciting as an artist when you get to work on a project that has ~all ya favorite things~ in it, and Orlando is more into mothmen than anyone else I've ever known (but like not in a weird way). I am really hyped to see where the story leads!

See you next week!!
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