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Guest Pages - Supes (comic)
Posted January 24, 2018 at 8:01 AM
I couldn't have picked a better way to close out our first round of guest pages than with this comic by Supes (whose work you've seen a few weeks ago)! Chandra and Reed get to explore an alien world in a MUCH-NEEDED break from the proceedings of the main story. Reed laughs at jokes (he learned). They try out all the native foods (and attempt to find/harass the native wildlife in the name of science). The relaxed, open vibe of this comic (the feeling of stomping around in a new place and exploring all its secrets) (but also you're there with your friend and you tell dumb jokes) makes me emotional because I want such simple innocent joys to come through in my work, even when bleak and dramatic things are happening. I adore this page and all its subtle speculative worldbuilding visible on the surface of it. Thank you Supes T_T and to all the wonderful guest artists who gave me such great content to post week after week while I was on break~

Uhh sorry did I say on break. I've been puttin' in the hours making TONS OF NEW COMICS FOR YOU. Next week on the 31st, The Otherknown returns with the very beginning of part 2! I've really enjoyed putting together the next pages. Stay tuned for new content and maybe some exciting new links to click~ See you soon!

(And while I'm thinking of it, two recent writeups ([The Comics Journal/Sloane Leong] and [Queership/Ashanti Fortson]) featuring The Otherknown and written by two vastly talented comics folks whose opinion I value very much!)
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