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Part Two Intro - 1
Posted January 31, 2018 at 5:00 AM
Hiiiiii!! Welcome back to The Otherknown, part 2 *weak sounds of kazoo*

It feels like it's been forever since we left off! Thanks again to all of the generous guest artists who volunteered their time and talent! Without further ado, BA BAM

because it's time to accept I'll never feel 100% mentally ready for this

Are you tired of... seeing new pages at the same time as everybody else (especially randos clicking in from google, or what-have-you!)? Are you tired of... reading this comic... and not knowing what the concept art looks like. If you don't like these things, you may like my new Patreon page! Page two of this sequence will be posting for $3 patrons tonight, who will always be one page ahead of the website! All this week, every single day, we're going to have lots of new goodies posting over to the patron blog! If you have any change to spare, and you like watching this comic happen, I'd be deeply appreciative! (And if you can't afford it right now, thanks for reading all the same!)

This patreon has been in the works for... literally over a year now (haha), and I'm glad I waited until I could hammer out the kinks during this extended break. I have to thank the friendos who gave me their opinion and/or help during this process, Ayme, Der-shing, Orlando, Heather, Peter, and Chiggy. ?

Here's what else I got up to during the break:

  • Chapter one revamps two-thirds done! Chapter one is being printed in a few months (store link will be posted when ready)! In most cases this is just a simple color retouch/font replacement, but a few pages (especially earlier ones) have gotten pretty big makeovers. I'm hoping to have these in time for...

  • Flame Con 2018! (I'm going to go to there.) My first time travelling out of state for a con that I'll be selling at. I have the pre-con jitters eight months in advance this time

  • oh. was that everything

  • Play this game Subnautica it's really good

See you on Saturday! (Or tonight/all this week for any patrons!)
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